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Challenges, structural damage

We implemented a project for a chemical company that has a stripper machine in its production. One of the challenges is the uncontrolled resonance created by the stripper, which may cause harmful vibrations to the machines and plant structures. As resonance continues, it may eventually cause equipment and structural damage. Due to challenging nature of this machine and partly due to its vibration, there wasn’t a way to get enough predictive data by traditional methods. A failure in the machine causes a stoppage in production, or significantly reduces production capacity, for which the customer also wanted to find a solution.

Solution and results, change of production process

At certain frequencies, a phenomenon was observed in the operation of the stripper, which was thought to be the source of resonance. After acoustic measurements and analysis of the object, it was found that acoustic concept is suitable for monitoring of the object.  This gives the customer the opportunity to adjust the process parameters early enough and change the ratio of the chemical mixture to avoid harmful resonance to the structures and nearby buildings.


Steps for identifying process anomalies

AuresSound® IO solution is fast and easy to deploy, and the online monitoring starts as soon as the device is connected to the internet. There are clear steps to getting started in the measurement project.

  1. Gather information about the process from the customer

  2. Select objects and install measuring equipment

  3. Develop an application for predictive condition monitoring of chosen objects, identify frequencies that indicate the need of maintenance

  4. To help with analysis, provide information such as the situation of equipment before and after maintenance and device information

  5. Create automatic alarms

  6. Fine-tune of alarms

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