Spinman and AuresSound announce partnership in Estonia

Published April 5th, 2022

Starting today, the partnership allows Spinman to improve its operations by adding value to its customers, by utilizing innovative technology to further improve their factory efficiency. The partnership lets AuresSound comfortably expand its operations to Estonia where Spinman will serve as a partner to AuresSound's subscription online service.

Meigo Tammsaar, CEO of Spinman: “The capability of utilizing acoustics enables us to predict if the key components in customers machines are going to fail. So, in the end, this helps us to ensure the quality of service we deliver to our client base.”

Antti Leskinen, CEO of AuresSound: “We are excited to start working with Spinman -team with broad knowledge on factory efficiency in the Baltics. Estonia is growing market for operational excellence services and together with Spinman we can provide unprecedented supply package for improving efficiency in manufacturing.”

About Spinman

Spinman offers innovative technologies to improve the efficiency of their customer’s factories. This is achieved by managing and maintaining machines and delivering components that are important to keep the production operations flowing.

About AuresSound®

AuresSound® offers operational excellence services and improves Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by giving real-time acoustic information about processes. The service is used by global, OMHEX and medium sized companies in the Nordics to optimize their production processes, improve plant availability and reduce unplanned stoppages.

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