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Case: Two large industrial compressors

Customer challenge


  • how to estimate the cost of compressor air leaks in euros (pressure drop vs production loss vs energy consumption) + over-maintenance?

  • how to estimate the optimal maintenance time?

  • quality of annual maintenance?

  • anticipation of looming defects?


It was standard practise for our customer to perform a very expensive maintenance regularly without knowing whether the maintenance was needed or not. AuresSound data was utilized to assess over-maintenance, production costs and quality of maintenance.

Closeup equipment - cranes, tubes, press



We monitored two identical compressors acoustically, one of which had just been maintained and the other yet to be maintained. When we looked at the measurement results with our customer, we found out that there was a clear difference in the soundtrack between maintained and unmaintained compressor.




By continuing the measurements and comparing the power consumption of compressors and changes in the soundtrack, the customer was able to:


  • estimate the cost of the leaks in compressor valves in euros (pressure drop vs production loss vs energy consumption) 

  • determine the optimal time for maintenance

  • check the efficiency and quality of maintenance

  • anticipate upcoming defects

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