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Condition Monitoring for

Power Production Sites

A proper functioning of power plant machinery is important for stable power production. Defects or even complete breakdowns in power production machines such as generators and turbines reduce power production capacity. In addition, resulted operation stoppage and repair of the broken machine adds costs and wastes unnecessary working hours. Power production sites usually include multiple smaller sites so it’s often troublesome to keep track of all the sites at the same time. Often there are also sites that are unmanned so remote monitoring is demanded. These are all things where digital condition monitoring comes to aid.

AuresSound is able to detect threatening faults in generators and turbines before it is too late to act on them. You won’t need to spend anymore man hours in keeping track of the condition of power production sites. AuresSound will do it to you in real-time. It has an online user interface that provides continuous information and will alert you if it detects any suspicious behavior in the machine. AuresSound will deliver information on what and where has happened so you can act directly at the source of the fault. Not only that, with acoustic condition monitoring you can monitor multiple machines at the same time, as long as they are close to each other. All the information will be saved to the cloud storage and delivered automatically to your email.

With the help of AuresSound systems proactive maintenance you will be able to schedule your maintenance periods in advance and optimize other power generation during that period. AuresSound will improve your regular production time and minimize unexpected maintenance stoppages.

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