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AuresSound® и сильно вибрирующий объект

AuresSound has been performing acoustic condition monitoring measurements for pumps and motors of hydraulic aggregates. Main monitored objects were critical bearings and the operation of hydraulics.

Why is acoustics applicable for challenging objects such as hydraulic aggregates?

With acoustic method, monitoring failure frequencies of vibrating objects is possible thanks due to the fact it doesn’t need to be attached to the monitored object. Installation can be made in such way that usually even challenging location are not a problem. Due to this same reason, acoustics also helps to minimize false alarms in heavily vibrating objects as there are no disruptive physical factors.

Acoustics is designed to be resource efficient solution and minimal number of measurement points can be used in objects that might otherwise require multiple sensors

AuresSound User Interface offers a lot of useful information about the monitoring process of desired machines, and it is designed to offer this information in a simple and easy way. For example, data history, trends, alarms, and the condition of monitored objects can be quickly checked which lowers the risks of unwanted situations.

Hydraulic aggregate is critical part of most processes and if it fails, the whole process will shut down. Other challenges that are common can be pressure leakages and blockages.


Case: Hydraulic aggregates

How is acoustics utilized?

Two hydraulic aggregates were monitored utilizing one AuresSound unit thaw was connected to two microphones, one per each machine. With knowledge about bearing types, we were able to detect failure frequencies for these machines using sound.

With failure frequencies also known, an acoustic algorithm was developed so that online alarms could be created for continuous monitoring.

Online monitoring lowers the risks

With bearings, AuresSound tracks the sound trends of critical frequencies and reports as soon as it detects changes in the soundscape that will lead to a breakdown of a bearing. Acoustics can also be used to monitor the overall sound of the area and it can give information about other developing defects that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Acoustics is applicable in various industrial production lines

Acoustics has been utilized in many different industries and


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