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Welcone to the AuresSound® living room

APL Systems has been identifying faults in industrial processes and devices based on their sound for over a decade. Our AuresSound® product recognizes anomalies in process equipment such as pumps and fans.


Anomalies are reported clearly: where is the fault, when was it discovered and what does it mean.


Our AuresSound® products are based on intelligent algorithms ja calculation models that seek out anomalies in the sound signatures of industrial processes and devices. Anomalies are recognized by analyzing both their frequency domain and time domain signal characteristics.

Meeting program:

  1. Your views on the significance of predictive condition monitoring/ maintenance now and in future.

  2. Acoustical technology in predictive condition monitoring.

  3. Acoustics vs. other technologies.

  4. The benefits of using sound in various industrial surroundings.

  5. As a basis for discussion: pre-selected Case-studies that are relevant to your field of operation.

  6. Discussion.

AuresSound - The Installation Process

AuresSound - The Installation Process

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