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Monitoring Hydraulic Aggregates in Challenging Environments

Results quickly and easily

AuresSound® User Interface is designed to offer the information in an easy-to-use, reliable and easy way.

Area of application

One example of application: Hydraulic aggregates (key components being electric motor bearings). Main monitored objects are critical bearings and optimal operation of hydraulics.

Why is acoustics applicable for challenging objects such as hydraulic aggregates?

With acoustic method (a long excitation distance from electric motor), monitoring the failure rate of electric motors bearings is highly feasible, since microphones do not need to be attached to the monitored object. Installation can be made for challenging locations and/or measurement environments .

Non-attachment to machinery also helps to minimize numerous false alarms in heavily vibrating production lines.


Using acoustics is resource efficient solution and minimal number of measurement points is used in production lines (focus on critical frequencies) that typically requires multiple sensors using traditional tech.

Acoustics is applied in different industrial production lines

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