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State of Art Sound Level Meter


We have been implementing environmental noise measurements for the energy and process industries for more than a decade. Now, we have invested in a state-of-art sound and vibration analyzer. This particular instrument is an accuracy class 1 sound level meter that meets the requirements in standard: IEC 61672-1[10]

A sound level meter with this standard must be used for measurements in Environmental Administration Guidelines OH 3|2014 & OH 4 | 2014.

According to Guideline 3 of the Environmental Administration, the noise emission caused by wind turbines can be verified by using this device. According to Guideline 4, the device can be used to the noise levels of wind turbines at an exposed location.

The device is thus suitable for determining the noise levels in disturbed neighbouring areas and also monitoring the noise levels of the area. It is also suitable for measurements in the area of a wind farm. The meter has received Class 1 type approval from several independent test institutes in accordance with the IEC 61672 standard and should be used in the measurement situations described in the Environmental Administration guidelines.


Noise measurement in neighbouring area

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