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Online acoustic measurement can be used to control the operation of valves and fans on the roof of a

The Aures OnLine Service is an online acoustic measurement service that can be used to control the operation of valves, fans and bearings on the roofs of production facilities. Continuous measurement makes it possible to respond quickly to a variety of incidents. In the current situation, incidents occurring on the roof are difficult to detect, owing to limitations on staff and automation.

Aures OnLine Service is used continually in industry to monitor sounds produced by industrial production, such as valve and fan noise and the sounds of bearings. The results are used in predictive condition monitoring, so that maintenance activities and investments can be targeted where they are most needed. Aures OnLine users have continuous access to data, which they can follow in real time. It is then possible to respond immediately to breakdowns and trend changes. Aures OnLine Service also allows for easy observation of external audio sources, and operational sounds can be distinguished from external sounds.

Case study:

The customer's problem lay in the triggering of roof safety valves owing to process disturbances. The valves remained open from time to time and their control presented a challenge. Open valves also produce noise, which spreads beyond the plant area. The noise produced by the valves is not audible within the facility.

Aures OnLine Service continuously measures sound levels on the roof of the facility. When sound levels exceed set limits, the system sends a notification message so that personnel can immediately respond to the situation.

The service quickly provided the manufacturing facility with an effective monitoring system for managing incidents and speedily responding to them. In addition, continuous monitoring of noise levels in the plant area can now be used for monitoring environmental noise emissions. The measurement system allows the industrial plant to monitor the discharge times of safety valves, producing significant energy savings.

APL Systems Oy is a Scandinavian service company that specialises in noise monitoring and reporting.

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