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How production excellence helps Industry to reduce CO2 emission and production cost risks?

Published July 9th, 2021.

A leading risk management professional teams up with AuresSound

APL Systems has started co-operation with Risk Management Consultant Mr. Kari Muhli in creating a tool for professional use to quantify the effects of unexpected production stoppages and over maintenance to Energy and Process Production Unit’s environmental impacts with a vision to manage and reduce the carbon footprint and avoid financial losses. The target for this tool is to enable valuation of various financial effects resulting from an unexpected stoppages and over maintenance of production equipment.

The aim of the co-operation is to provide precise knowledge about how much companies can reduce CO2-emissions by investing in operational excellence and machine maintenance predictability and what would it cost a company financially if there was a production stoppage or over maintenance on their production line.

AuresSoundTM is today used by industry and energy utilities in order to have predictive data on industrial assets in order to avoid unpredicted production stoppages and minimize over maintenance.

Mr. Kari Muhli is an Enterprise Risk Management professional possessing an extensive experience especially in Energy Industry.” I am very pleased to see APL’s devotion towards risk management and looking forward to our co-operation in designing this tool for the benefit of APL’s present and future customers.”

Mr. Antti R. Leskinen CEO, APL Systems. “We are very pleased to start co-operation with Kari with decades of experience in risk management with major utilities and industry in the Nordics. We are planning to have good insights to be shared with our stakeholders involved with operational excellence and CO2 emission risk management.”

In the future posts, we will go into more detail about these issues with cost estimates and scenarios on over maintenance and unexpected production stoppages and their impacts to CO2-emissions and profitability.

Further information:

CEO Antti Leskinen



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