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Published January 14th, 2022.

When industrial processes become more complex this also means there are more critical components in the production line. If one those components, let’s say a bearing, breaks with no prior information, it usually leads to a production stoppage of varying period. Unexpected stoppages are usually a consequence of insufficient real-time predictive information from the machinery. We call this information hidden data that exists in your factory but is unutilized. The need is proper tools to get this crucial hidden data out of the machinery.

Real-time information from critical production machinery is important for maintaining efficient and smooth operation. Hidden data of critical assets enables maintenance team to optimize production with less unscheduled downtime. One of the biggest benefits IIoT data can offer is to minimize production related risks and revenue losses.

AuresSound® CEO Antti Leskinen: “We have noticed that there is plenty of data existing but not currently available. Digital acoustic online service provides manufacturing and energy industry to have this predictive critical information and visibility. Data can be utilized for example to optimize production, reduce over-maintenance or schedule optimal maintenance times.”


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