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Using Acoustics in Industry

Published December 14th, 2021.

Acoustic method can be used for example, in identifying broken pipes, broken tiles, faulty plastic containers and machinery in production lines.

Acoustics can be used to check whether something is working or not. Does the car engine sound right to you? Is that pot broken or not? It can be used for optimizing manufacturing processes, product quality control and detecting faulty products from the production lines. All these methods are based on natural frequencies of objects.

Natural frequency and optimizing manufacturing process

Head of Signal Analytics Roy Hjort, AuresSound® discusses on how to utilize natural frequency in industry:

“So, what is a natural frequency? Well, each solid object or system has a natural frequency or frequencies at which they tend to oscillate in the absence of a driving or damping force. If the shape or dimensions of the object change, the natural frequency also changes. We recognize this instinctively: something doesn’t sound quite right, and you may have work to be done in optimizing your manufacturing process. “


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