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Optimizing Factory Operations with Acoustics and Industry 4.0 Apps

According to Antti Leskinen, CEO of APL Systems, “when you discuss with people in manufacturing, they say that powerful tools like Industry 4.0 apps are underway to manufacturing industry, thus enabling factory managers to gain deep, easy-to-use, and quick insights into the health of their equipment and the efficiency of operations. This can help to make data-driven decisions that result in improved performance and reduced costs. For example, soundscape of a factory can reveal a lot about the health of the machinery and the overall efficiency of the industrial process.“

Utilizing Acoustic Technology

With the advent of Industry 4.0 apps and/or traditional automation solutions and advanced on-line sound analysis technology, it is now possible to gain even deeper, actionable insights (conclusions drawn from data that can be turned directly into an action or a response) into factory's operations. By analyzing the soundscape of a factory in real-time, the system can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the production process.

Many types of industrial equipment can benefit from Industry 4.0 apps and acoustic analysis technology, including: Production machinery, Compressed air systems and Energy and utilities equipment.

Overall, any type of industrial equipment that produces distinct sounds during operation can potentially benefit from Industry 4.0 apps and acoustic analysis technology. By monitoring and analyzing these sounds in real-time, manufacturers can detect problems early and optimize their operations for improved efficiency and reduced costs.


The soundscape of a factory can be valuable source of information that can give insights into the condition of machinery and the overall health of the industrial process and/ or production line. By combining sound analysis technology such as the AuresSound® system with Industry 4.0 apps and/or automation system, factory managers can gain actionable insight and make better and faster decisions to optimize their operations for improved performance and reduced costs.


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