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Long-Term Noise Monitoring in Wind Parks

Long-term noise monitoring − reliable information about the sound spectrum of a wind farm.

APL Systems carried out long-term noise monitoring project over a four-week period. Four measuring devices were placed between 300 and 2,000 metres away from the turbines and noise levels were monitored 24h/day. The noise levels were measured before the turbines were started and again while they were running.

When planning a wind farm, it is advisable to carry out noise monitoring before construction work even begins. The existing noise level in the area can be verified with background noise monitoring. Natural noises, traffic and noises from residential areas can, among other things, significantly increase the overall noise level in an area. In addition to natural noise, we noticed that noise from tractors, snowmobiles and traffic, for example, increased the noise level at the wind farm where the recent monitoring took place. The effect of background noise can only be comprehensively defined with long-term monitoring.

The results offer good basic information about noise and potential measures for preventing it. APL Systems noise monitoring services produce comprehensive material in a concrete and easy to understand form. The results give a clear and comprehensive overview and are a great tool for residential meetings about potential wind farm sites.

The APL Systems service provides clear information, a great deal of statistical data, examples of noise and live graphics from the noise emissions in the wind farm.

APL Systems Team

APL Systems has developed its proprietary service platform together with world-leading corporate partners. APL Systems’ success is based on continuous and well planned innovation together with our major customers. APL Systems has long-standing cooperation with global companies enabling it to be a leader in the field of long-term noise monitoring. APL Systems provides turnkey solutions for client noise monitoring projects.

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