APL Systems Oy at Inter.noise 16.-19.11.20014 in Melbourne, Australia.

APL Systems Oy at Inter.noise 16.-19.11.20014 in Melbourne, Australia.

APL System Ltd is presenting together with Wärtsilä Inc. - AURES the Most Advanced Environmental Noise Surveillance System in Inter.noise 2014.

Presentation provides through look on how you can automatically follow noise levels in an industrial setting that is located close to noise sensitive areas. The benefits of automated noise monitoring range from improved relations with the neighbouring community, improved communication with environmental authorities and even direct maintenance information from the site leading for example energy savings.

AURES -platform fulfils and exceeds the present requirements for environmental noise monitoring. Sometimes, even when the LAeq level is well below the limitation, noise complaints can still come because of low frequency annoyance. Full spectral recording of AURES 2.0 monitoring units make users available to monitor low frequencies and to listen to the sounds.

Full story can be heard in Melbourne on Tuesday 18.11.2014 13:40-15:00 Room 206 at 13.40.

Follow the messages directly from Melbourne in our website www.apl.fi

Full Paper can be obtained from APL Systems Oy after Internoise. Just sent a message to us at www.apl.fi

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